Aisha and Misu

Aisha and youngest daughter, Misu.

Aisha’s education began long ago as an apprentice to her grandmother and great aunt. Herbs  were always brewed for her and the families well being, which left a healing footprint in her heart. In 2003 her mother-in-law was diagnosed with Alzheimers and Aisha and her husband began studying herbs for healthy brain function. Soon after, Aisha taking courses in botanical medicine and holistic healing.

In 2004 came The Healing Pot, an herbal tea company dedicated to promoting health and wellness. With this company, Aisha fuses her knowledge and love of herbs, natural health, parenting, writing and more. Initially her focus of study began with reproductive health but has branched out considerably over the years. She enjoys communicating ways in which to connect with our bodies so that we make better choices when it comes to mental, physical and spiritual nourishment.



Aisha and her husband have 7 healthy children. They have experienced a natural birth in a hospital, twins delivered via cesarean section, one vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean) and two hbacs (home birth after cesarean). Her editorial publications include, The Art and Science of Beautiful Skin, The News Sun, Highlands Today and she is a blogger for Aisha enjoys doing yoga with her kids, playing volleyball, scrabble, identifying herbs, advocating for maternal, infant and mental health and watching “Love Jones” with her husband over and over again. Her holistic studies, training and birth experience make her a great resource for wellness and childbirth. You can get to know her better on her blog, Sipping Tea with Oni.

Breast Feeding for Change

Twins, Assata (left) and Pushpa (right) and their younger sister, Aponi in the middle.