Breast feeding

Aisha and daughter, Fidele, at birth in 2008.

Breast milk is the Best First Food–aka The BFF. Let’s talk about why…

It is BEST for the baby. Specifically made for the little human that you have produced–unlike, cow, goat, rice or soy milk.

It tastes really good. Yes, I have tasted my own breast milk … gotta know your product. Babies prefer its taste hands down.

Breast milk

  • helps you get back to your pre-baby weight/size.
  • lessens chance of ear infections, viruses and diarrhea
  • lessens chance of obesity, diabetes and asthma
  • for moms, it lowers risk of breast and ovarian cancer, diabetes and postpartum depression.

Breast Feeding Support in Your Area
If you are in the Highlands County FL area and would like breast feeding support, please come to a La Leche League Meeting at Florida Hospital Heartland Division located at 6801 US Highway 27 North on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7pm. The link below has more information about these meetings as well as meetings across the nation. Members are always available at anytime for breast feeding support.

La Leche League
The World Health Organization suggests solely breast feeding your infant for at least 6 months and then introducing solid foods. In addition they suggest breast feeding up until the age of 2.

A survey done by the CDC in 2005 shows the following statistics for breastfed babies in the United States:

  • 73.9% were ever breastfed
  • 43.4% were still breastfeeding at 6 months of age
  • 22.7% were breastfeeding at 1 year of age
  • 33.1% were exclusively breastfed through 3 months of age
  • 13.6% were exclusively breastfed through 6 months of age

Aisha and youngest daughter, Misu.

Breast Feeding For Change: Our Health, Environment and Economy.
Did you know that if you breast feed, you can help boost the economy, clean up the environment and be a part of the real health care reform?

It’s all true. When you breast feed there is no need for formula containers which means less trash for the environment. When you breast feed there’s no need for a bottle (unless you’re pumping) and there’s no need to use energy to heat up formula. There’s no water needed either so this means you are conserving energy and water.

In addition, we are creating healthier babies, which means less car trips to the doctors for ear infections, colds and viruses and you know what that means … less gas fumes from our cars. And don’t forget that when the babies are healthy, the insurance rates and health care costs can be lowered because we are creating healthier people. Just take a look at the list above to see the many ways in which breast feeding can keep us out of the hospitals.

We Must Increase These Numbers.

Besides the benefits of the breast milk, the initial skin to skin contact for baby and mother is vital. In different countries they have made skin to skin contact, breast feeding an not clamping the cord immediately a new part of their routine. Studies have also shown that vernix (the creamy substance on the babies skin after birth) contains antimicrobial proteins that are active against group B streptococcus and E. coli. Delaying the bath and keeping your newborn until breastfeeding is established, may prevent infections caused by these bacteria.

Is Breastfeeding For Everyone?

No, of course not.  We know everyone is not able to and some would rather not and it is also not that easy for everyone.  For this reason, there are breastfeeding support counselors, The La Leche Laeague (as mentioned above) and then there are times when  a veteran breastfeeder like can give you advice while still keeping it real about some of my challenges.  Click here for my woes.