Today I graduated from a Leadership Class and it has been an experience that I will never forget. I toured dairy farms, vineyards, nurseries, our state capitol, a bombing range, land fill, county jail, a college, a hospital and numerous other places that my mind is too weary to recall.  I’ve met people that I thought I would never cross paths with let alone grow to admire and some of the things of learned about “said people” I will not share because I do want to keep in touch.

So, you know how you say you are leaving and then you end up starting another conversation?  Well that is what happened today and of course I found a way to turn a conversation about raising sheep into a conversation about herbs, more specifically Turmeric. Many times I question my sanity and when it comes to Turmeric, I really don’t mind how insane attraction to this wonder.  While listening to a classmate talk about her issues with nursing sheep back to health and sometimes losing the battle, my thoughts jumped around the world of herbs and ultimately my reply landed on Turmeric.  ”Have you tried garlic or turmeric”, I asked.  She said, “no” but she said it in a way that brought a smile to my face because I knew that she would soon care for an ailing sheep with said herbs and possibly include then in some of her animal treats.

So I’m going to run as this long day and an alcoholic beverage has gotten the best of me.  But here is the splash of gold for your health.  Boil, brew and be blissful.

Living Life and It's Golden. Turmeric Powder

Living Life and It’s Golden. Turmeric Powder